Transportation of goods from Europe

  • Transportation of goods from Europe

    Transportation of goods from Europe

    Today, the delivery of goods from Europe to Ukraine is a very popular service. More and more people realize that goods imported from Europe (household appliances, clothing, food, household chemicals) are much better than domestic producers, thereby increasing the demand for freight from Europe.

    The distance between Ukraine and European countries is more than 1000 km. The question arises – how is it more profitable to deliver the goods. And if before the answer was obvious, go to the post office. Now it’s better to find a company with experience in cargo transportation, which will deliver the goods in a short time and without hassle.

    Transportation of goods from Europe: modes of transport

    Most often, transport from Europe is carried out by road. This is one of the best options, especially when it comes to light-weight cargo.

    If we are talking about the delivery of bulky cargo, then it is more profitable to choose delivery by rail.

    Road transport has a number of undeniable advantages:

    1. Mobility (the goods are taken away at the warehouse and shipped already at the Customer’s premises).
    2. The ability to track the movement of goods.
    3. Possibility of delivery of groupage cargo.

    The disadvantage of this type of transport is that it cannot be used to transport bulky cargo.

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    Trucking will deliver the goods quickly, so if you are not used to wasting your time, this type of delivery is for you.

    There are a lot of rules for the transportation of goods in Europe, so contact the experts, they will help solve many problems and avoid additional difficulties.

    Delivery of goods from Europe with TLP

    Transport company “Trans-Logistic Plus” delivers goods from all EU countries. The company employees thoroughly know the customs rules in force in the EU. This allows you to reduce the costs of customers on registration of transported goods and transshipment when crossing the border legally.

    Turning to our company, you will receive:

    – quality service,

    – timely prompt delivery of goods,

    – cargo insurance,

    – democratic cost of cargo delivery,

    – control of transportation at all stages,

    – escort of goods.

    TLP specialists will offer several options for the delivery of goods, select the best, draw up supporting documents.

    We offer a truly reasonable and rational chain of logistics services that make the process of freight transportation of prefabricated lots of goods as comfortable and affordable as possible for the customer.