Road transportation

доставка грузов по украине


12 years ago the TLP company has begun to carry out the international cargo transportation and till today it is our main direction, having own transport.

Irrespective of economic situation in the market automobile international transport is the leader in the logistic industry.And today international carriages by a road transport remain one of the most demanded types of cargo transportation and one of the main elements of external economic development of many companies.

Our TLP company is engaged in international transport of freights by the road transport to the CIS countries, Europe, Asia and others.

Transportation by road does not depend on the work of ports, airports and railway stations, and with the modern developed system of highway the optimum schemes of routes of transportations are formed.

The motto of the TLP company is an efficiency, quality, reliability and the affordable prices.For this reason for the international cargo transportation most of clients choose TLP.

Qualified specialists guarantee high quality of the performed work and absolute security of freight.We work with delivery of cargoes for any distance.

International road transport is carried out between different countries and in accordance with the rules of each country.

Skilled managers and lawyers of the TLP company will help you to process all documents for transportation of goods in the long-distance message, to undergo control and to receive all necessary certificates.

In case of occurrence of a customs conflict, the decision of the issue falls on shoulders of our experts.

In addition, during the time of work a large number of world transport companies we have gathered, which are our partners right now and they  have the largest fleets, this give as advantage to maintain quality service of our Clients at a small cost of services.

We use tent or curtain sided trucks, refrigerator(for products requiring certain temperature conditions) ,open platforms and others thereby providing international transport of any type of cargo:

-oversized  (large size goods)

- consolidated

- heavy

- refrigerated

- bulk materials

- dangerous

- liquid

Classification of cargo is a necessity for calculation of optimal route and optimization of costs.

Benefits of International Road Transport with TLP

By combining the optimal cost and quality of services, international road transport by TLP is distinguished by:

  • Delivery within the specified time-frame.
  • Insurance of goods.
  • Tracking loads across the entire delivery path.
  • Warehouse services (if necessary)
  • Accompanied carriage
быстрая доставка грузов

How to order international carriage of goods by trucks ?

It is very easy to order international transportation  of your cargo in the TLP. Specialists of our company will choose the optimal route and will arrange all necessary documents for further transportation of  your cargoes. It is sufficient simply contact our managers in a convenient way for you to discuss transportation to any country, and we will provide possible options of routes and transport.

Collaborating with professionals in this field, you get the desired result at the end of our partnership.

Every transportation TLP is INSURED.