Maritime transportation

доставка морем за рубеж


International shipping from TLP is a profitable and popular way of transportation of goods, especially large shipments between countries and continents.

In Ukraine, such a way of cargo transportation became a valued and is in great demand due to the possibility of delivery of cargo to any point of the world.

TLP company carries out the transport of goods with containers along the strategic marine route, providing high-quality service, reliable transportation and optimal transit time.

 Maritime containerized freight meets all delivery requirements and are optimized at every stage.

TLP takes over the entire process of preparing the cargo for transportation, from documentary support to delivery to the right place.

TLP will deliver the cargo using multimodal transportation with delivery of cargo to the nearest port by road transport if the country of destination does not have access to the sea or ocean.

In addition to the work of TLP, freight includes:

- selection of the container for loading the cargo,

- carrying out of loading/unloading of cargoes in ports of Ukraine,

- transport of goods to and from the port;

- customs clearance of goods,

- preparation of documentation,

- assistance in the port.

Advantages of international shipping by sea:

If delivery time does not play a primary role, shipping by sea has enough advantages to stop the choice on this method of delivery your cargo.

  • Sea transport is highly ergonomic, which significantly reduces costs.
  • Sea containers may transport large consignments of various types.
  • Access to all points and edges of geography.
  • Operational transshipment procedures.

Logistics of sea transportation is designed in such a way so that each transportation is as profitable as possible to the Clients.

Cargo transportation by sea can be combined, starting from 50 kilograms.Such sea freight transport is very beneficial in view of the need to pay not the whole container, but only the part occupied by the cargo.At the same time, the registration is carried out through a single transport document.

Shipping by sea from TLP is one of the safest and most reliable way to transport your cargo.

Thus, we have earned the trust of large companies that need systematic transportation of cargo to different parts of the world.

With the shipping by sea, we deliver vehicles, equipment, machinery and other cargo over long distances.

Shipping by sea: cost

When we talk about the tariffs for international shipping, we take into account the characteristics of goods: volume, quantity of cargo and its value.If this is a combined cargo, the cost of only the space occupied in the container is calculated.

Each case is individual.Therefore, in more detail the calculation of cargo transportation will be made by managers of our company taking into account customs clearance of cargo in transit countries.

However, in any case, transportation of goods by sea will be beneficial for you! There are practically no restrictions on the type of cargo. For each type of cargo there are special vessels.

Cargo transportation by sea is one of the most reliable and safe modes of transportation. Each TLP shipment is insured.