Groupage cargo

грузы сборные


Transportation of grouped goods is a very profitable service when there is a need for transportation of small cargo or cargo with a small weight, volume.

For 12 years, TLP has been providing services in the transportation of groupage cargoes from Ukraine abroad and back with OWN TRANSPORT.

Taking into account the rapid development of Ukrainian trade relations in the international market, the search for the most profitable logistics offers becomes increasingly important for many Ukrainian entrepreneurs every day.

TLP will help you to develop the optimal route of delivery of goods, to find the most suitable transport and to solve bureaucratic problems connected with international cargo transportation.We cover the field of combined transportation  primarily by our own transport in the direction of Ukraine - Europe as well as air transportation and transportation by sea.

Groupage cargo transportation and its advantages

Advantages of cargo transportation are obvious. It is ideal for transportation of relatively small cargoes, which do not occupy an entire rolling stock.

Based on the fact that the Clients turn to different requirements for transportation of cargoes, we offer different delivery options.

  • have all kinds of transport to organize delivery of combined cargo.
  • You can rely on us - your cargo will be delivered within the specified time limits.
  • All cargo is insured.
  • We carry out documentary support of cargoes.
  • International transportation of modular cargoes is carried out regularly (depending on the speed of filling of transport by cargo)
  • Delivery of combined cargo from Europe is already a well-established procedure.

Due to the fact that the service of transportation of modular cargoes is very popular, cargo shipments occur at frequent intervals.Youcan not worry about delivery times and be sure that your cargo will be delivered to the destination on time.

The cost of delivery is economically advantageous for the Customer, as payment is made only for the occupied place in the vehicle.At the same time, TLP logists develop optimal routes of cargo movement and as a result - the cargo is delivered in time and without damage.

International groupage shipments allow to order both ready-made products for sale and materials for production. Moreover, delivery will be many times faster than with the help of postal operators.

Delivery of ccargo is carried out absolutely by any types of transport.TLP has the ability to control delivery at each stage.Thanks to cooperation with reliable partners,we provide affordable prices for cargo transportation, preserve high quality of service during export and import of groupage cargo.

International cargo transportation is a multi-level process, therefore require special care, competence and responsibility.Our advice is to entrust transportation of your cargo to professionals.

TLP can easily assist you in resolving issues related to the transportation of groupage cargo. We adhere to high standards in every detail.

Every transportation with TLP is INSURED.