Oversized cargo transportation

  • Oversized cargo transportation

    Oversized cargo transportation requires some caution and care. Indeed, the difficulty in transportation lies in the fact that for each particular type of cargo it is necessary to create individual conditions.

    And if some require special devices for loading and unloading, others need special equipment in the transportation process. Do not forget that when transporting oversized cargo, you need to issue a special permit for its transportation.

    For everything else, you need to choose the optimal route, enlist the support of cargo along the route to the place of arrival.

    Oversized cargo types

    All oversized cargo can be divided into several types:

    1. Oversized cargo
    2. Cargo exceeding standard length
    3. Heavy loads.

    Oversized cargoes are those cargoes that exceed the standard dimensions of cargoes in terms of parameters. Even if the excess from the standard norms is one parameter, the load is considered oversized (oversized).

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    Loads that extend more than 2 meters beyond the tailgate are called freights that exceed the standard length or long ones.

    Heavy loads are those loads whose weight exceeds the normative permissible maximum weight of the load on one axle or on the whole transport.

    The approach to the transportation of oversized cargo should be serious. Because the safety of the cargo depends on how well the work is done. If oversized cargo is transported by road, you need to consider a number of preparatory and transportation issues that are necessary for the implementation of transportation of goods along the route.

    For transportation of oversized cargo by road, it is more expedient to use low loader platforms. There are no side walls on the platform, due to which it is possible to place loads that are oversized in width. The platform is stable thanks to pneumohydraulics, therefore it is also suitable for transporting construction equipment.

    Proper transportation of oversized cargo

    When transporting cargo, the driver must make sure that the cargo is secured securely, that the cargo is evenly located on the platform and in its general condition. Oversized cargo must be transported in such a way that it does not block the view of the driver from any direction. The cargo should not create noise, pollute the environment.

    If the cargo extends beyond the limits of transport more than 1 m behind, it is necessary to mark it with special marks.

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