International road transport

  • International road transport

    International road transport

    International cargo transportation with road transport is one of the most wanted types of transportation.

    Ordering road transport cargo transportation it’s possible to implement the delivery of any cargo “door to door” without any intermediate reloading.

    Road transport delivery benefits

    This type of cargo delivery has a set of special advantages. Thanks to trucking, you can carry out international transportation of any type of cargo: household appliances and electronics, clothes, shoes, furniture, equipment, small goods, including jewelry and food.

    Cargo transportation should be carried out by such companies that provide their services for several years in the industry and value their reputation, only then goods delivery will occur promptly and reliably.

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    “Trans-Logistic Plus” company, having extensive experience and a solid client base, good transport fleet and highly qualified professionals, as well as an excellent logistics, perform their work at a high level and just can’t provide other results.

    Cargo delivery to Europe by road transport has its advantages over rail transport in time. No need to form wagons and containers. You can order transportation at any convenient time without adjusting to the schedule of railway or air transport. The shorter transportation distance and the volume or mass of the cargo, the more vehicles beets from the rail.

    Another important plus of road transport delivery is that the Customer can choose a time and the optimal route if necessary.

    International shipping price

    With the help of road transport, “Trans-Logistic Plus” company carries out the cargo door-to-door.

    An important aspect of the order with international transport is delivery cost. Trucking is cheaper than, for example, air transport. Rail transportation will be slightly cheaper than the automobile, but delivery by road transport more portable and faster. Therefore, each Customer sets his priorities.

    Multimodal freight transportation

    Nowadays, in addition to the separately existing road, sea, and air transportation, there is a need to combine the road delivery with a rail, sea analogue, and even by air.

    “Trans-Logistic Plus” logisticians are primarily guided by economic calculations, where is mandatory taken into account the distance, type of cargo and the likelihood of downtime.

    There are other features by which you can determine how costly and effective a particular road cargo delivery can be. After miscalculations, the Customer himself determines the delivery scheme, while the company shows all the “pros” and “cons” of a particular delivery method and advises the optimal one.