Cargo transportation: types of cargo

  • Cargo transportation: types of cargo

    Transported goods can be classified according to several criteria. Classification depends on the belonging of the transported units to one group or another, the transportation method, size, etc.

    Distribution by type is necessary for the carrier company in order to properly organize the transportation processes, as well as preparatory work.

    Cargo classification

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    Cargo transportation: general cargo

    What is general cargo? These are goods requiring an enlarged overall place, loose or packaged goods. This type of cargo is transported by any type of transport. They can be represented by metal products, mobile machinery, reinforced concrete products, bulky, heavy, tar-piece, packaged and timber cargoes.

    Groupage cargo

    National teams call goods sent by a single batch, but from different senders. Such goods are transported by one vehicle moving in the same direction, but intended for different recipients.

    Oversized and heavy loads

    Goods whose dimensions are not included in permissible norms are transported according to certain rules. Individual routes are developed for them in compliance with the requirements for the placement and consolidation of goods. Such cargoes include special equipment, industrial equipment and installations, pipeline elements, bridge spans, specific structures and others.

    Dangerous goods transportation

    Dangerous goods include materials and substances that require special observance of transportation measures, as they pose a danger to human health and property.

    Perishable goods

    Perishable goods are transported by refrigerators. They require certain temperature conditions, refrigeration units are equipped with refrigerators or isothermal vans with special thermal insulation of the body. These are food products, vaccines, freshly cut plants, drugs, chemicals.

    Live goods and their transportation

    This category of cargo includes animals, birds, fish, bees. To transport live cargo, cattle trucks, cages, beehives, tanks are used.

    The correct determination of the type of cargo allows you to accurately select the conditions of loading / unloading, storage, type of transport and transportation conditions. You can clarify the type of goods when ordering transportation of goods by contacting qualified specialists of Trans-Logistic Plus.