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Who we are


The mission of "TLP" is to overcome the radius of space and the usual time frame. The purpose of our activity: to transport the goods so as to never hear reproach or comments from the Client.

TLP has been operating in the domestic and international freight transport market for over 12 years. We have successful experience in the field of logistics, to establish partnerships and provide a variety of services, and our regular customers are large companies in Ukraine and abroad.

This is not only a transport company, but also a logistics provider that provides a full range of services for the international transport of goods: transport and forwarding.

The organization of international transport is carried out in full accordance with generally accepted norms and international standards. In each case, our experts in the field of international logistics develop an individual delivery optimization scheme aimed at reducing customer material costs.


A qualified, young team with extensive experience is the main secret of quality for each of our partners. Our company is built in such a way that every member of the team is part of a large TLP project.

We have created comfortable conditions and friendships so that we don’t need to remind about discipline - everyone is busy with his own business, what he loves and knows best, so everyone can realize himself as much as possible.

All members of the TLP team started from scratch and went through all the circles of hell, not only in logistics, but also in sales, international law and business. It was not an easy way, and therefore our team is truly the pride of our company!

  • We work all over the world
  • Qualified staff
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Flexible conditions


  • international transport of unimodal and intermodal type
  • transportation of any kind of cargo
  • preparation of optimal routes
  • formation of groupage cargo
  • registration of customs and transport documentation
  • cargo insurance
  • cargo escort
  • warehouse logistics services
  • additional services related to warehouse processing of goods and distribution to outlets in various regions


TLP Company offers a full range of services to its Clients. We carry out projects of varying complexity - from the organization of transportation of bulky and dangerous goods, to the rhythmic supply of retail chains and the delivery of associated goods.

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